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Why Body Tune

With very good intention, you may be one of the Mr & Mrs averages, for who, every January is the time to sort out the over indulgencies of the previous three weeks.

One look in the mirror after a shower tells you the time is now. Youíve gained weight, you feel sluggish and your not happy with the way you look and feel.

Youíve probably read about heart attacks, obesity and diabetes in the paper.


In many cases, go at it like a bull in a china shop with massive enthusiasm and come February the 1st, are fed up because you have shelled out for a gym membership and itís not working for you.

To make a gym work for you, infact the only way it will work is;

  • A program, which is assessed by someone with a deep knowledge and plentiful successful experience in exercise assessment.
  • Every 3 Ė 5 times the exercise program is performed, it needs progressing in accordance with how regular it is performed.
  • You will probably need a new program every 7-9 weeks to keep it fresh and working for you with new exercises added and old ones taken away.

This can all only be done if you are advised by someone how has that deep wealth of knowledge and has enjoyed success in the health and fitness business for over 4 decades

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I create exercise regimens for people who are serious about getting results with no gimmicks or false promises. Do this workout on a regular basis and you will achieve.

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